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AutoPet Automatic Bird Feeder - Electronic
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AutoPet Automatic Bird Feeder - Electronic
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The AutoPet Ergo Systems Automatic Bird Feeder enables you to provide your pets a pre-set quantity of food at the exact time you choose, up to 8 times a day. Perfect for pet owners with unpredictable schedules, elderly and the handicapped or pets with diabetes or eating disorder. It works for birds, iguanas and all kinds of small animals in wired cages.

NOTE: Food in the form of flakes may not be used unless first crushed. If filling with peanuts, only shelled peanuts may be used.

Automatic Bird Feeder Dimensions:

* 8.25" Length x 6.25" Width x 9.25" Height

Automatic Bird Feeder Features:

* Patented design
* Compact and pleasing design
* Veterinarian approved
* Automatic pet feeder works with all types of small pets
* Airtight lid on storage container keeps food fresh
* Clear storage container enables visibility of food from all angles and far distance
* The large opening in the food storage bin of the feeders enables easy restocking of pet food
* Can be installed in all kinds of wired cages
* Bird Feeder (and pets in wire cages) comes with metal brackets and cover to protect feeder from pets
* The feeder features a digital timer with battery backup for programs
* The timer allows 8 programs per day of your choice
* Operates on four "C" batteries (not included)
* Has a detachable storage container for easy cleaning
* Bird Feeder can also be powered by an optional AC adaptor (sold separately and available from a third party company). Please contact customer service for information about how to obtain the adaptor if interested.

Automatic Bird Feeder Benefits:

* Helps to maintain your pet's health
* Feeding small portions of food at scheduled intervals
* Precise feeding at appropriate times
* Feeding diabetic pets
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