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Extra Large Corner Cage
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Extra Large Corner Cage
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Giant Corner Cage

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!

* Exterior Dimensions: 61" Width x 48.5" Depth x 73.5" Height
* Interior Height: 60"
* Bar Spacing: 1"
* Bar Thickness: 5mm


* High gauge metal that big parrots can't bend
* Maximum interior space
* Sits low to the floor
* Interior perch
* 4 Stainless steel feeder bowls
* 2 Removable seed trays at top and bottom
* 2 Removable grate at bottom for easier cleaning
* Complete set of seed catchers
* Hard plastic casters
* Large main access door
* Toys & birds not included
* 6-month manufacturer's warranty

Good for:

* Macaws
* Cockatoos
* Amazons
* Hyacinth
* Eclectus

ALL COLORS ARE 100% NON-TOXIC. COATING IS "SUPER TOUGH" BAKE-ON POWDER COAT FINISH.NOTE: Colors shown are actual photos of cages; colors may vary slightly, no returns accepted for color variance.
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