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Large Bird Toy Package
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Large Bird Toy Package
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These entertaining bird toys provide your bird hours of fun. The package includes 8 different toys ideal for large sized birds.
Included Bird Toys:

* The Acrylic Tumbler

Acrylic Tumbler
* Large Solid Color Rope Boing
Solid Color Rope Boing
* Medium Rope Swing with Rope Knots and Wood
Knotted Rope Swing
* Extra Large Round Rattle Foot Toy, 5"
Round Rattle Foot Toy
* Large Sisal Rope Swing
Sisal Rope Swing
* Large Cluster Blocks
Large Cluster Blocks
# Large Hairy Monster
Hairy Monster Bird Toy
# The Acrylic Go-Cart
Acrylic Go Cart Bird Toy

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