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A&E Cage Co. - 100C-1 - Large Hexagonal Aviary
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A&E Cage Co. - 100C-1 - Large Hexagonal Aviary
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Keep your birds safe and happy with this large Aviary Hexagon Flight Bird Cage. It's Non-Toxic and Bird Safe!


* 36" Diameter with a Total Inside Height of 64"
* Overall Exterior Height: 74"
* Bar Spacing: 1/2"
* Bar Thickness: 3mm
* Weight: 145 lbs


* Non-toxic and bird safe
* Five (5) Hanging wood perches
* Three 2-part plastic feed stations
* Four large access doors
* Two breeder box/feed doors
* Six large easy glide casters for easy moving
* Two slide out metal grates and trays for easy cleaning
* Top quality heavy duty non-toxic "super tough" baked on powder coat finish
* 6-month manufacturer's warranty
* Available in green wire/white roof only

Good for:

* Canaries
* Finches
* Budgies
* Parakeets
* Cockatiels
* Lovebirds
* Senegals
* Other similarly sized birds
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