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Manzanita Desktop Perch
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Manzanita Desktop Perch
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This Manzanita Desktop Perch will provide you and your bird to always be near throughout the day. The portable Manzanita desktop perch is beautiful naturally grown, bird safe and durable Mount Shasta Manzanita. The irregular shaped branch creates a great natural climbing experience.

Manzanita Bird Desk Top Perch Specifications:

* Approximately 18" - 19" Tall
* Plexiglas Base Approximately: 11 1/2" x 11 1/2"
* Manzanita Burl Approximately: 3" to 5" in Diameter x 7/8"
* Small Perch Diameter Approximately 5/8" - 3/4"
* Large Perch Diameter Approximately 3/4" - 1 1/4"

Manzanita Play Stand for Desktops Features:

* Constructed of handmade, natural Mount Shasta Manzanita with a sandblasted finish with an attractive manzanita burl at the base
* Hard wood is bird safe, easy on bird feet, and safe to chew on
* The play stand base is constructed of clear Plexiglas
* Combination of hand grinded and sand blasted branches, ideal texture for your bird's feet
* The perch is mounted on the Plexiglas with a single screw
* The top horizontal branch is mounted with a dowel screw
* Irregular shaped manzanita tree branches on this manzanita playstand give a natural look and feel of real branches

Manzanita is a natural wood that can develop cracks, initially, as it dries. These cracks are a natural process and will not affect the health or safety of your bird. No two trees of this table top manzanita perch will ever look the same.
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