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Small Avian Essentials Dome Top Style Bird Cage Kit
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Small Avian Essentials Dome Top Style Bird Cage Kit
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The Avian Essentials Cage Kit contains a wide variety of accessories and toys to keep your bird entertained for hours! This dome top style bird cage kit has all the essentials to keep your bird happy and healthy.


* 13" Length x 11" Width x 16" Height
* Bar Spacing: 1/2"
* Wire Gauge: 14 & 17 (1.63mm & 1.15mm)

Bird Cage Kit Features:

* Wrought iron construction with a white powder coated finish and durable plastic base
* Lead and zinc free cages are non-toxic and bird safe
* Convenient carrying handle
* 2 Hooded plastic feed cups with outside access
* 2 Wood perches
* 1 Cuttlebone
* 1 Solid wood ladder
* 1 Mineral treat
* A variety of toys included made of acrylic, leather, rubber, and plastic construction (actual items may vary)
* Removable bottom grille and tray for easy cleaning
* Built in the U.S.A.

Ideal for:

* Parakeets
* Finches
* Other similarly sized small birds
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