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Manzanita Table Top Play Stand 16" x 16" Base
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Manzanita Table Top Play Stand 16" x 16" Base
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The 16" x 16" Base Manzanita Table Top Play Stand is naturally grown, bird safe and durable while providing your bird plenty of manzanita tree bird perches for hours of entertainment. The irregular shaped branches creates a great natural climbing experience.

Manzanita Bird Table Top Play Gym Specifications:

* Approximately 17" Wide x 17" Deep x 18" Tall
* Base: 16" x 16"
* Great for small sized birds

Manzanita Play Stand Features:

* Constructed of durable Manzanita (a naturally grown hard wood in the mountains of California)
* Hard wood is bird safe, easy on bird feet, and safe to chew on
* The play stand base is constructed of premium grade plywood with an acrylic sheet. Acrylic covered plywood is more durable and much easier to clean than other stands using melamine (a water resistant white paint)
* The bases are edged with quarter-sawed fir logs making it a more durable stand and less likely to tip. Also safe for birds to chew on.
* Branches are attached with wood screws and counter-sink the screws to keep them away from birds
* Screws are covered with wood plugs to prevent birds from picking on that spot and to improve durability
* Irregular shaped manzanita tree branches on this manzanita playstand give a natural look and feel of real branches

Manzanita is a natural wood that can develop cracks, initially, as it dries. These cracks are a natural process. The Manzanita tree will retain its usefulness and beauty for years and will not affect the health or safety of your bird. The removal of excess bark and smoothing out rough spots gives the tree multiple textures providing your bird a good grip.

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